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Opera House Beijing

90 x 95 cm/厘米

Canvas Print 画布

Unframed 没有框

Stretched and Framed 有内框和外框

Aluminium and Acrylic Print 裱铝塑压克力板

Printed on Advanced Gloss paper and placed between an aluminium back and an acrylic front.


Become part of the artwork! Leon will add elements from your own life in Beijing (or wherever). Perhaps you'll add a memorable story, a building or street that has special meaning, your kids' favourite toys or characters, or that noodle shop where you had your first bowl of 炸酱面.


To order, fill out the form or get in touch by email or Wechat 填写表格或加微信 

Wechat 微信: 13051430537

Wechat 微信: 13051430537