Family Stories: A Biographical Art 家庭故事:傳記藝術

Leon is frequently commissioned to tell highly personal stories through his distinctive form of visual storytelling.

Family #6

A small section of the artwork

Many of these pieces depict a family's life in a particular city. After extensive (and enjoyable) interviews, Leon goes off to his studio to recast the story in an exuberant new light.
其中許多作品描繪了某家庭在一個特定城市中的生活。 經過廣泛(且愉快)的訪談後,Leon在工作室以嶄新的視角重述了這個家庭故事。

Family #2

A small section of the artwork

Other stories that could be told through this lens include family histories, the history of an organisation or pieces of literature.

Family #1