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Leon Fenster

His artworks are invariably highly detailed and exuberant flights of imagination into fictional worlds. They present themselves like dreams. They demand that one immerses oneself in their joyously unexpected logic.


Leon was born and grew up in London and has been drawing since before he can remember.

It was during Leon's architectural training at the University of Nottingham and the Bartlett School of Architecture in London and as a visiting senior scholar at Tsinghua University that he developed a love for combining technical drawing with feats of imagination. The language of architectural drawing allows him to present a totally imaginary yet totally immersive and complete alternative world. 

Leon put this approach to use in creating Exilic Landscapes, a year-long project which explored what a uniquely Jewish Architecture might look like. Historically Jewish culture has rejected grand monuments of stone in favour of more intangible, textual and 'portable' architecture. How might one build a piece of grand, richly adorned architecture which remains true to these architectural precedents? The result was an architecture which embraces exile. This embrace fed into future projects including his odes to Beijing, Shanghai and Jerusalem.





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