About Leon

Current exhibition: Fantasmagoria 空想


Who is Leon?

Leon is an artist from London, based in China. He creates mesmerizing dream-scapes of cities, families’ lives, and organisations’ stories. 

His artworks evoke deeply personal and emotional reactions. His City portraits capture city-dwellers’ personal experience of their city. His family portraits tell a family’s unique story. In both cases, he is an expert at reflecting back to people their own emotive memories and dreams. The art’s broad appeal lies in its resonance with one’s identity. 

What does he Create?

City Portraits

Each City Portrait captures the essence of a city. The totality of our experience of the place. Leon is gradually adding more cities to his collection. Feel free to suggest which city he should draw next! See examples here and here

Personalized City Portraits

Those City Portraits can get even more personal. Leon can add in some events from your own life in the city. These could be streets, objects, people, stories, animals or anything you can think of. Just give Leon a list of a few things and he’ll find ways to cleverly weave them into there artwork.

Family Stories

Leon interviews families about their life, learning what excites them, what they value and the places that are important to them. He then heads to his studio to represent their story in a single, highly detailed and evocative artwork. See examples here

Can I Commission or Purchase an Artwork?

Yes, please email leonfenster@gmail.com or add the following WeChat account: 13051430537