Commissioned Family Artworks

A captivating portrait of a family's life and memories.

Leon first interviews the family to learn all about their life, and then creates a single, joyful artwork that contains all of their memories, values and little adventures. Leon’s particular humorous approach to storytelling leads him to combine these memories and experiences in satisfyingly whimsical and unexpected ways: The world according to this particular family.

Example #1

Many families who have these detailed pieces up on their wall, report enjoying finding something new in the artwork each day. The downside, is that guests to their home often get distracted for as long as half an hour exploring the artwork and asking questions about the things they discover within!

Example #2

“Every family is an entire world”

Leon can also create a Ketubah/marriage vows based on the same concept, or use the technique to tell stories of communities or orginisations.

Example #3

Example #4