For Michael H. K. Cohen

The Beijing Haggadah is dedicated to Michael H. K. Cohen, with gratitude to Kehillat Beijing.   Michael lived and worked in Beijing from 2013-16. An exceptional person, he brought a warm smile, a curious mind, a love of fun, a passion for travel and adventure and a deep sense of caring for others to everything he did. 

Having been a leader of his Jewish community in college, Michael sought out the Jewish community in Beijing and quickly became a favorite at both Kehillat Beijing and Moishe House. His connections to the Jewish community in Beijing were some of his most important and meaningful experiences in China.  With Michaelís premature passing, his family and friends want to honor his memory and express their appreciation to Kehillat Beijing for being a home away from home for Michael and for the many other expat Jews looking for a Jewish connection in a faraway place. 

While there are many possible ways to honor Michael, the Haggadah is especially fitting.  Michael loved the Jewish holidays, with their focus on family, their warmth and traditions and their deeper meanings.  His three younger siblings used to refer to him as the ‘Wise Son’ in the Passover story, and so he was.  We hope his memory will be kept alive in the beautiful pages of this Haggadah. 

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